Should I tell her good morning and / or good night?


Something I was wondering a long time now. I met this girl who lives quite far away from me (6 hours time difference). We went out once when I got to know her (at work) and stayed in contact since then. I like her and she already knows. She said the same and wants to see me again to get to know each other better. We text nearly on a daily basis.

So since there is a time difference I usually send her something like a good morning, ask if she slept well or something. I could also do that for good night since she usually goes to bed when I get up. Anyways usually she reads the message officially like 2 hours later when she arrives at work (even though I think she can read it before using whatsapp widget without getting the "read" notification).

From time to time when she had a lot to do during the day and had no time to respond she usually says something like "good night!!!".

So is it a good thing to send a good morning / good night message or is it more annoying for most girls? I for myself are always happy when I get a message from her. Even a simple good night makes me smile. She never complained about it or something. But I don't want to seem clingy or something either.
Also sometimes she takes a few hours to respond. I for myself usually respond within 10-15minutes. But since we are in different time zones it's her working time when I have my free time, so its easier for me to respond faster than her. Is it a good thing to respond quite fast or should I may wait a little longer (I am not a big fan of the "play it cool" game to be honest)?

Thank you in advance! :-)


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  • Getting a "good morning" and "goodnight" from a special someone would make me smile. You're right about avoiding to be clingy, but I think this will be fine. 🙂😀


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