Guys, I'm not sure what to think or how to handle this situation?

I had been talking to a guy for a few months that suffers from depression and anxiety and is going through a major financial issue that began in the middle of us talking. We weren't officially dating but did say we were exclusive. Prior to the financial issue we were hanging out often and open about our feelings and making future plans. Afterwards he stated he wanted to take things slow and didn't want to talk about the future but still be exclusive. He has said that he does really like me but that something has changed. He shared that everything is effed up and doesn't know what to think. When i suggested space to figure things out. He said he appreciated it and doesn't want to confuse himself or I. When I asked what kind of space we were going to give he said he doesn't think he can see a way to move forward exclusively. He shared that he thinks the timing is a little off and that neither of us have a clear head for something intimate without any uncertainties. I'm having trouble understanding if he's trying to let me down gently because the day prior he made it a point to reassure me that we would figure out everything. Additionally, the week before he was adament about wanting to make things work. I asked him if he wanted to remain only friends or take things slow and maybe go out sometimes when our schedules aren't hectic. He replied with yes but didn't elaborate what he meant. And when asked what he meant by yes he stated that he doesn't see why he has to answer that. I want to be there for him because I honestly care. I don't know if I'm being fed a load of crap however.


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  • As a guy that suffers from anxiety and depression this is all too familiar. By the sounds of it he is doing what I do most of the time and pushing away the people that care about him. He probably thinks that he is not good enough for you right now and that uou deserve better, and the easiest way for you to move on and not deal with his shit would be to push you away so you can yourself move on. He won't be telling you his true feelings. If you truly care about him and want to help, stick around and show him love and that you care even when he is being a jerk to make it easier for you to move on. He will soon realise you are genuine and truly do want to be around him.

    I hope this helps, good luck

    • Do you think he'll come around if he wants things to work? I guess I'm confused he said something changed and last time we talked about it i had asked him if he liked me less or if he thinks it was the stress. In which he said he thinks its a bit of both. I want to help him out but should I just let him initiate the texting? I don't want to appear overbearing and increase his stress. I find this situation difficult because it takes a lot for me to like someone and when I do I'm invested in making it work.

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