How to act around your crush from school when she has boyfriend?

Hi, I am 16 right now and I am like waaaay too much into one girl at school. We've been going there for 5 years now together but we are talking only the last 3. She starts conversations, sometimes we catch each other staring at each other, she is nice and always likes to talk to me, but then one of her friends i was randomly talking to today told me that she has a boyfriend that she met in summer camp. I was so suprised and confused, i know she has been texting with this dude (but she texts with like everyone all the time), but i didn't think it was serious and suddently the nice girl i was talking to has goddamn guy, its soo weird because they didn't share their relationship anywhere and i had no clue.
Its very possible that she has been keeping this from me for some reason, maybe she knows iam into her?

But the question remains... What now?
(by the way, iam like most jealous person who ever existed)
I love talking to her, i dont even know how much serious it is between them, but girl i couldn't let my eyes off yesterday is starting to be dead to me. HOW DO I ACT IN THIS SITUATION?
I wish i could stop seeing her but we meet everyday and we will go to the same school for another 3 years. And everytime i just want to end it with her i come to school and see her cute eyes welcoming me to the class i fall for it again.

I don't know what to do, should i stop talking to her or responing, start being cold? Should i express my feelings for her and then cut every contact with her so she knows why?

It wouldn't be really a problem if i wasn't so jealous, but everytime i log into facebook and look at "online panel on right" and see her, i get mad because i know she is texting this dude right now and i have no thing to do about it.(also I've been even turning chat for her off so i wouldn't see her online but that is just way rude and i can't continue with that.) she's also a reason i stayed even in that school...
any smart advice would help, thanks...


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