Should I ask her out already or wait a bit more?

I like this girl I met in my german class. I hadn't paid attention until 2 months ago, when we started talking, at the beginning it was the tipical conversation, then it became something different, wouldn't know how to explain, but I began to enjoy her company and every time we talk we always laugh and joke, we can talk about anything and we've always got something to talk about when I'm with her. She once hit me in my arm and told me "I hit people I like" and in that moment we weren't talking. We've chatted twice on whatsapp, the first time was two weeks ago and the las time was this week, the conversation ended with her saying goodbye because she had to sleep due to work. The main problems are that I'm not sure if I should ask her out because I may be confusing the signals, and also if I asked her out on these days, and somehow she rejected me I'd still have to see her for some more days until the semester is finished. Should I take my chances?


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  • Man I gotta say that if you like someone some girl and if u feel some real shit then go for it. Maybe u will be upset after all that but fuck it because if you just wait anything can happen so like ı said go and get her. And I think she like u too. I trust u bro

  • Go and ask her out before its too late


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