Should I use a dating app/site to get a girlfriend? what dating site/app worked for you?

Im out of school, work 60+ and dont go out much. No girls around my work i like really and dont have much of a friend group lol.. sooo is all im gona find on these sights are STD infested freaks or wildabeasts catfishing?


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  • I mean, they definitely work. Plenty of Fish has the most users, but I find that the quality of woman there is a lot lower. Like, they're less intelligent, there are a lot of high school educated women, etc. I mean, that's a type of woman that I wouldn't even know where to meet in real life. OKCupid definitely has smarter women and the site sort of promotes itself as the smart site, but there are less women there.

    So yes, you're definitely going to find catfish, but I feel that those are easy to identify. I think you should go for it though. I used it when online dating was in its infancy and frankly, I think I had the better experience compared to what things are like nowadays but I still think you should try. Just be ready to put in the work.


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