What makes a guy go from just liking you to being interested in getting to actually know you?

It is almost impossible that someone is super super into you and your person from moment 0. When a guy first meets you if he shows clear interest it is related to the fact he find you attractive or nice or interesting.
But in time, what makes a man’s mind make that click where he starts ACTUALLY being interested in getting to know you and keeping you around?


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  • 1. He starts telling you about what happened to him today, the good and bad things.

    2. He laughs with you but when I say laugh, I say he cracks up with you about different things

    3. He wants to play videogames with you. “Hey wanna play cod?”

    4. If you play videogames with him, he’ll talk about them with you. “The Jarl in Whiterun is ugly af😂”

    5. He doesn’t make any sexual or romantic gestures / comments

    • I appreciate the reply!! (Seriously) what i meant though is what makes HIM change the way he feels, rather than how do you tell. What makes him suddenly start being into you at a deeper level

    • You talk to him like a friend. :) that’s how

    • Like as a homie instead of as a potential boyfriend

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