What does he want from me?

i told this guy that I dated 5 years ago that that the child I conceived 5 years ago wasn't his then 2 years later he asks me again I said no! then 1 week ago he emailed me with the same crap asking me if their child is his what can I do what do you think he wants from me? I'm even beginning to think that it's a possibility of using the child just to have communication with me maybe he still like me I don't know. Someone please help!


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  • Well, If you are sure the child isn't his then just go tell him in front of his face and warn him to not to bother you. Actually you can call the cops if he is really disrupting you and your family. He kept asking you because he might thought you are lying and don't want him to touch your child ( he thought its his). If he is not satisfied then you can do the DNA test, but I suggest you to not to waste your time on that what if he still bother you and just stay away from him. Now the important thing for you is that your child should be happy and have good surroundings. Also, he might want to be responsible if the child is his but seems like he misunderstood it.

  • He either wants to keep the communication between the two of you going, or he wants to be a part of the child's life--there really isn't much else he can get from you. If it really bothers you, do a paternity test. That way, he has no reason to contact you to ask if the child is his. And if he does continue to get in touch with you, it's probably because of you, not your child.

    • The thing is I told him 2 years ago that he wasn't the father and I even told him the childs date of birth which it would have been months off from the time we were last together from the time the child was conceived and I told him these things long ago he agreed that he understood what I was saying and that was it until now he told me to send pics he's just to weird!

    • I agree get the paternity test and it puts an end to his question!

    • That is pretty weird. If he just wanted to know how the two of you are doing, he could find out without asking if he's the father. He definitely isn't getting it through his head, or he's just making up excuses. If he makes you uncomfortable, you should cut off communication completely.

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