Do you think so he feels the same?

I like a guy with whom I have been talking to for more than 7 months. We talk on phone and text on regular basis. We talk mainly about our hopes, dreams, work life and regular difficulties on day to day basis. Today I was talking about taking a short trip, so I kind of invited him to accompany me in a funny way. But he kind of turned me down in a gentle way like, "you were so scared to visit me during my training in your city and now you are inviting me on a trip, kiddo".
So, that was it..! I think so he hates me now for inviting me and he doesn't feel the same way about me..! Please, help me out here..!


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  • How did you meet him. Is he much older then you?

    • Yeah, he is 3years older than me..
      We met during our preparation for a common exam..

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