I can't have a normal conversation with my crush?

I'm not really sure that he like me as i do but at least he saw me as a friend we are almost best friends , but... we just can't have a normal conversation with each other:(

It's not that it's awkward... we can keep talking to each other for hours. But it's always about boring, standard stuff like what kind of music/movies/books we like, and I can't shut up about the weather.

I want him to know my fun side, and I want to talk about stupid, random things like I always do with everyone else, but I just can't... plus he's one of the funniest guys in our grade and he's always goofing off with his friends and making people laugh but i can't do the same every time he start to talk to me I just always make the conversation worser and worser it's like my mind get blank when I'm with him and i seem like a clumsy annoying silly girl and that make him get annoyed from me even I get annoyed from my self.

How can i have a normal conversation with him? just a simple little one.. PLEASE HELP ME


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  • I dont think there's a magic solution to this. you're gonna have to learn to not give a shit and say what you want. Thankfully, aging will make this happen over time, but right now what you can do is toughen up. Pay attention to him, DO NOT shy away. Look at him and focus on what he's saying instead of thinking about how nervous you are. If you do it right, it's amazing how easily you can read a person. Get a feel for how receptive he is to your jokes and toss a few in there or just go "check this out" and show him something you think is funny to break the ice. Guys love when girls show them their interests, it plays on their ego a lot (in a good way). Start from there and try to read him

    • And when i say pay attention I dont mean fawn over him, I mean treat him like a gosh dam lab rat. I used to do this when i was nervous. Go in with the goal to read the person and get them to talk. It takes away from feeling shy and you actually feel in power. I admit it takes getting used to and a certain "who gives a shit" attitude

  • Keep spending time with him an eventually you'll be comfortable enough to talk to him.

    • Is 2 years not enough

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