How do you learn to live without the things you wanted most?

All I wanted was to be loved. I wanted to have a husband that I cared for and cooked and we’d be there for each other, I wanted to have a family nd take care of the children and be there for them in all the ways my own parents were never there for me. I wanted to have my own little family especially since my family are such horrible people. I wanted to feel like I mattered to someone, that me being around actually made a difference. I wanted to be cared for the same that I care for others.
I don’t get why it has to be so hard to find love or someone who even cares for that matter. I don’t get why people find it acceptable to treat someone so badly that has always been there for them and helped them when they were in need. I don’t get why I have to want these things that I know I’ll never have. I wish i could just be happy living alone. I wish I could just truly be happy, I’m too broken to matter to anyone or to be happy. I just never will have the things I want and I don't know how to live without those things.


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  • Pretty same age and all of my friends were just using me and fake, they wouldn't be happy if I do something I'm proud if, I got cheated on by a girl I loved guess with who.. yes with one of my friends.. I felt so broken and everyday I kept asking why am I living? then I just realised that I just kept focusing on bad things and it's there when everything changed for me.. Life is surely better with friends and a lover etc.. but it won't stop if you don't have them.. Live your life, chase a dream, travel, explore things and prove to anybody that you're strong enough can make your way alone, keep your head up and be confident, people hate someone who is weak and they will try to make it worse but when they see your strength they will try to follow you and take you as example and there's when mr right will show. by the way being in your late 20s isn't late I know a lot of women who married and made families in their 30s. Good luck

    • Even when I had hope for the good things it still all went bad. I’ve been hurt, raped, had a miscarriage and it just keeps getting worst. No matter how hopeful I am it’s still miserable, I still cry every day, I still hate myself. Things won’t get better for me,

    • Do you think having such negative thoughts would help? what happened in the past still in the past ! everyone on this earth had a lot of bas things happening to them in the past but they didn't keep crying about them they just move on, it's okay to feel bad and cry we're humans after all but what matters the most is to keep fighting until the last breath

    • I wish for my last breath to be soon, I can’t continue on this way, I won’t be happy being alone all my life. I’ve already gone to therapy and whatnot and that didn’t help any. I’m out of options now

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  • Once you learn to live without these things you’ll be a more well-rounded person with higher value and you’ll find someone that loves you for who you are. If you can’t live without a man then you need to do some soul searching and find things in life that make you happy outside of a relationship.

    • I’ve never even had a relationship, my parents don’t care for or love me, I have no friends, I have nothing

  • Start exploring and go for adventures because at the end of the day no one will stay its just you alone. Don't expect anything from anyone, accept what you have and chillout

    • I have no one now, I don’t expect anything from anyone

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    • Oh!
      Try for arranged wedding? If at all you're interested

    • I don’t think even forcing a guy to like me would end good. I’d still just get hurt

  • Keep searching girl, one day you will find a guy who loves you no mather what and will do anything for you

    • No, no guy will ever want to be with me or love me. I’m 29 years old and have yet to even have a boyfriend

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    • Thanks but it won’t ever happen for me. I’m either hating my life and crying at home or work. I don’t go out, I have no friends, I have no hope for a good life. I just want it to end so I don’t have to be miserable any longer

    • Please dont think like that, there are so manny things you can do to feel you mabey a litle happy, but please never say that you want to end it😟i want to say i know how you feel... but im just 16 i can't really say i get it,

  • Try Jesus!
    He won't let you down. ☺️

    • Jesus isn’t real

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    • He’s already let me down, doesn’t get another chance to prove he isn’t real

    • He won't let you down if you give him the chance. He can't let you down. Build your faith in him and see things change.

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