What's wrong with me?

I've been single for about 9 months. I've tried dating a few times. I have this issue where I go on a first date with a guy and I can tell that they're really into me. Then we'll go on a third date, and then its like a switch flips and they're not interested anymore. I don't know what happens, if its just like my personality that turns them off. I don't have sex with these guys either, so I don't know if thats the deal breaker. The guys have told me that I'm attractive and nice, but that they just don't see a romantic connection, and that we can still be friends if I want. I just don't understand what my hang up is. I'm 30, so I'd like to find someone sooner or later. Its just really hitting my self confidence, like I don't understand whats wrong with me. Any suggestions or ideas?


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  • Are you an interesting person?


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  • Some guys do go by the three date rule (aka dump her if you don't get sex on or by the third date), those are not the guys you want anyway. That's not to say every guy you date is like that though.

    It might be something you're doing, it might not. I couldn't tell you because I don't know you personally but sometimes guys also lose interest for reasons unknown even to them. They can be as fickle as women sometimes. Don't worry about it. The right guy won't lose interest


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