How do people start dating?

I have never been in a relationship, let alone a date. Im not sure what im doing wrong. I used to blame my looks but I don't think thats the problem anymore. I put alittle more effort into my appearance now, and i always get told i am really pretty or cute or whatever. So i guess i must look decent enough.

as far as personality, im pretty friendly. im shy at first, but after some time i open up. most people that know me well think im funny, and smart. Some people think too highly of me though, and assume that just because im going to school for engineering im some sort of genius. im not that smart, just average.

Most of my friends have been in and out of relationships and it just looks so easy for them. they meet someone, they text and then they date. and for some, it turns into a relationship. I just dont seem to have that and i, like the rest of the people i know wonder why im still single. im in a major full of guys, and i work with mostly guys. i have had a crush on a few. yes i do talk to a lot of them. it seems like a lot of the guys at work seem to enjoy talking to me. but thats it. in a way, its good. a lot of the guys at work just hook up with different girls and i dont want that.

At school, I've met a lot more guys this semester. they seem alittle shy at first but they're really nice and helpful. but the ones i really want to talk to always seem to be the most awkward when i talk to them. i know they shouldn't do all the work so i've been trying to put myself out there alittle more so i can hopefully find an excuse to talk to them. we talk to the same people so i try to hold group conversations to make it easier to talk to them and its been working.

but even then, nothing happens. other people have pointed out that certain people flirt with me and may like me but i never get asked out. is there a step i am missing? or am i just not good enough?


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  • just talk to people, chat for long time (my average time is 1-2hrs if delta is 0)

    • 1-2 hours at a time? thats a really long time.
      then maybe thats my problem. i dont like to have conversations for too long. i probably seem uninterested then?

    • nope its not like that, basically its something i learnt over.

      maybe we could try, if u are interested. I can tell u some tricks too

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