Why are American women so stuckup?

They treat guys like lowlife trash and they are better. Being nice to a American women is like a assault to them. Are they really that entitled? Trashy?


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  • Mr. lee we get it you don't like American women because they don't approach you
    I think maybe you are not attractive classy and gentleman enough? Ever questioned yourself about this!

    A real mature guy would never say such things and make gay assumptions

    • He has a point, and I don't think it's really beneficial to the discussion to sit there and automatically dismiss everything he's stated on this idea that he's just unattractive or immature. Having experienced different cultures, I'll be first to attest to the fact that non-American women are pretty easy going in comparison. This is coming from an American who's good looking and does well for himself.

    • When we say non-American women is kind of generalizing because what kind of non-American women are we talking about? White Europeans? Latin? Asians? Gypsies?
      I think this question is non sense still! I'm sure many American women are friendly nice , maybe the ones he met were simply not in the mood to talk to him. American women are just like any other nation some are bad some are good some are strange some are interesting some are shitty
      I'm European living in the USA and I find his question ridiculous. It seem like he has watched many Hollywood movies

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  • Yeah from what I experienced American people generally just want to be left alone on the street. And girls don't want to be talked to because they're tired of guys they're not attracted to coming up to them and trying to get their number.


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  • not all are like that. But most, yeah ngl haha


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