He's still friends with his ex, still loves her but will never get back into a relationship with her?

Let me start by saying we just met online about 2 weeks ago. We've been on two dates and have already had sex. We talk/text everyday. He informed me almost right away that he was still friends with his ex. I'm totally cool with this, we're all grown. I'm friends with some of my ex's but he seems to talk about her a lot. He always has to make it clear that there's nothing between them but we're always having a conversation about it, via him bringing it up. They were sleeping together before we met but he says he feels like she's just keeping him around as backup. I asked him if he loves her and if in a perfect world, she wanted to get back with him would he and he said yes. He tells me he really likes me but I just feel like I'm the side bait, maybe there to help make her jealous. Plus he has not been able to keep it up the two times we've had sex. I'm an intelligent woman and I know I should walk away and just let him figure out what it is he wants. The problem is I really dig this man!! I guess my question is, from a man's point of view what do you think is going through his head?


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  • He is preoccupied with his ex and isn't over her. There are things he blames her for, but not enough to want to have nothing to do with her. He might be a great guy, but his heart is still some where else. I feel like betraying men by saying this, but what might really work is if he sees you having a good time with another guy. It is like a reset button.


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