Why do I have this nervous/sinking feeling?

There is this girl that I am attracted to and have gotten quite close with. There are moments I get a nervous/sinking feeling. Before we really got close she was asking about someone I know. He is one of those guys that has sex with any hot blooded female. So she was trying to find out if the stories about him were true. So I was curious and kind of questioned why she wasn’t trying to find out about him. Then about a month or two later we were together just shopping and she dips out to go get something which I can only guess to what it is, but have some clue (read between the lines there). Mind you during this time she has continues to find out my friends name and so forth. So despite not being in a relationship with her because we never settles anything. I still have some feelings with her. Now that we are on break she is still in the same town we go to school, it just happens that my friend is there. Despite her telling me otherwise in response to everything I just sometimes get a nervous/sinking feeling. Even despite all that I tried distance myself, but found myself thinking about her a lot so i decide to say to talk to her. Eventually a few days later I told her how I felt, mind you she told me she really likes me and being around me. Yet when I told her how I felt she said she didn’t know what to say, but would like to talk to me face to face when we get back. I just don’t know what to do, I really do like her, and not even sure if she is doing what I think she is doing. I thought the same thing one time when she went home that she was with some other guy, despite her just telling me that she was reading a book. I don’t know if it’s me not believing that someone could really like me or something is really going on. I don’t have any proof other than my gut feeling and what I’ve said thus far.


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  • Its jealousy my man welcome to hell. You trust her or you dont if she is lying (even though you might be close friend she does have the right to go and fuck other ppl) i know it really suck its simply called jealousy and when you get back just talk honeslty about everything and see how it goes


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