Which Guy Should I Go For?

Which Guy Should I Go For?Hello!
Guy 1: I've liked this guy for a really long time (he's soooo cute omg) and I tried to reach out to him to start talking and we did for a bit but then we stopped talking. I tried to get over him and convince myself to move on but I'm always thinking about him. I found out later he hooked up with a bunch of girls and left them hanging, but NOW he feels BAD about it and wants to try and be with a not-so-easy girl- someone who's nice and not slutty haha.

Guy 2: We've been talking for a while and he's SO sweet and nice. I like his personality and he's not a fxckboy- but he really isn't that attractive- that's what's turning me off. But I found out he really likes me and I'm kind of nervous!

I know I shouldn't judge people based on how they look but I have no idea what to do and my peers aren't giving good advice. PLEASE HELP!! Thank you!!
I realize I don't really like Guy 2 anymore- but now there's another problem. HE KEEPS TEXTING ME AND STILL LIKES ME. WHAT DO I DO NOW?


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  • None start over and re back them you can do better much better


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  • That's hard
    But even though I think personality is everything I still think that if you are not attracted to him it's going to be hard
    You have to like both personality and feel attracted to him if one is missing then it's not going to last long

    • Try to be distant don't reply to his message reply late... and don't ask him back questions. Until he realizes you don't like him OR you can simply text him that you are sorry but you are not ready for a relationship and looking to date anyone currently

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  • Fuck this dick. He stole Shannon Nole’s rightful Idol title. I’m still bitter.


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