Is he crying out of manipulation or what?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year now. He's a pretty straightforward guy and a homebody. I wish he'd get out more but anyways he came over 4 days ago to spend the weekend with me and as we were kicking it a girl he used to talk to a long time ago called his fb talking about a fb post he had posted. Keep in mind this girl is pregnant and he answers any text/calls i make to him but mainly intiates contact. He doesn't seem like the type but he cried yesterday night because i kept bringing it up asking questions since its been on my mind. He said because it hurts him that i dont believe him. What should i think about this? I just don't wanna go through what I've been through before i need help. Oh and the girl is pregnant and he said he never cried over a female before just has been heartbroken.


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  • A little hard to read, but this is about jealousy right? Crying might be excessive, but Im not gonna pretend I know the whole situation. However if he hasn't done to make you doubt, you are doing a huge disservice to your relationship if you keep bringing it up. Sometimes it doesn't matter if it's on your mind, talking about it so much that you're going in circles is not constructive.

    • You're absolutely right, So i should just take his word and leave it be huh? Cause i won't bring it up 24/7 its just yesterday night id ask him at random times about it but I've let it go. I just told him don't let me see it again ya know and the question was is he being manipulative.

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    • You're right i just don't feel like our relationship is bad. I just don't wanna experience that same shit. i feel he's being honest but at the same time could be lying. His heart was beating fast but then again it could be because he knew i would flip i have no idea ill try to think positive

    • His heart was beating fast when she called is what i meant

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