Why he doesn't text?

Okay so I'm having a thing with a guy who lives next door. He often says "ill text you when I go out so we can smoke a cigarette together". Somehow though he often doesn't but whenever we're together he's extremely cute and sweet with me. This afternoon he has asked me out because he hadn't seen me in a few days and wanted to spend some time with me. I saw him like 2 hours ago and he told me "I'll text you if I smoke again before going to bed". It's really late now and I don't think he will at this point. What the hell?


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  • am in a similar situation but my the guy am was seeing was married. he would say ill tet u later. just to keep us in the loop, not cuz they care for us. they might but we are not as important to them as other things. so just keep ur distance and when he ask ur best bet is to say sorry i was busy do u need something,

    • I kept my distance and he texted me this afternoon. But cmon. Why couldn't he simply say "look I'm going to bed". I feel like he's playing with me

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    • Nope, never. He keeps telling me that I have to relax

    • that one thing he should never tell u to relax... that means u need to give ur self that pride n respect of having him look for u not u to him.. trust me that took me a while to get together.

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