Would you ever apply to join a reality dating show?

How many of you are fans of "The Bachelor" franchise, "Are You the One?", and "Married at First Sight"? Even though some of the suitors are scripted for dramatic scenes to increase ratings, you can't help but ship two people together. I'd never join any reality show, but I know a friend of mine would for finding love. If you believed that it would help you find love too, then would you give a reality dating show a shot?Would you ever apply to join a reality dating show??
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  • I prefer my privacy, thank you, so FUCK NO... I would never want to be on any kind of reality tv show period!

    Besides I don't believe in love, relationships, and that kind of thing on tv is fake and scripted as fuck anyway. It's always about money, ratings, marketing, etc. So no thanks, fuck that shit.

    • Haha I believe most of those relationships are fake, and they never end up going well. It's all for entertainment.

    • You betcha lol!

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  • God, no.

  • No.
    Too fat and ugly for that shit lmao


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