Did I screw up by avoiding eye contact with a girl who rejected me?

I'm going to try to keep it short. I'm in college. We've went out on a date before and have just kissed. Anyways she stood me up by not keeping our date plans and then lying to me. She apologized in real life and in text though and said she honestly fell asleep (she didn't). I just tell her i'll see her around (when she apologized in person).

The next day i see her at my friend's apartment complex on campus. She locked eyes with me hardcore as i was walking like for seconds on end. I just took one quick look at her and kept walking.

First things first, i'm going to talk to other girls, but i want to have her as an option down the road. I took her actions as not really being too interested in me. (1) Did i screw up by not keeping eye contact, or did i do the right thing? (2) If i did do the wrong thing, did i screw up my chances of her still being fond of me or did i make her want me more (honestly i think she actually does have some feelings for me).


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