Guys, if you started liking a girl who didn’t like you would you continue to be friends?

I started being friends with this guy about a month ago. We were like casually talking and flirting at work, and then we started hanging out but to me it was just as friends, so I went on about how I still love my ex and how this guys a good friend to me cus I didn’t think he liked me anyway. But every time we hang out it’s becoming more clear to me and my coworkers that he likes me. I don’t think he’ll ask me out now because I think he’s aware I see him as a friend and I still want to be with my ex, I also have heard him say how hot he thinks I am (which I don’t think I am ) but maybe he feels as though I’m out of his league because I’m two years older and also because my standards are really high like I don’t date just anyone and I don’t ever put out cus I feel like I need to respect myself and my body. But it’s getting really obvious how he feels so I’m wondering, will he just continue to be friends with me and not say anything about it or stop being friends? He is still making plans to hang out and such. I just don’t want to lose him as a friend

i also don’t want to tell him I know


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  • Generally friendship breaks off.

    It's my experience

  • It's hard because you hang out with them and your feelings grow more and more and you hurt more everyday and you feel more and more like a piece of shit and you're not worthy for them or literally anyone else. I actually had a situation a couple months ago where I was about to start dating this girl. We had been hanging out and fucking around and had a conversation about how we wanted to actually be serious about each other and she told her best friend this who was this dude that was in love with her and the dude killed himself because of it. So I would have to say based off the experiences in my life that I would most likely not do that to myself again.


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