Ladies, do you have an age preference for your man?

Do you ladies prefer younger men or older more mature men? Would professional success and financial accomplishments affect your decision?


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  • I prefer older. Yes professional success makes a difference. I don’t want a fling. Guys my age in my experience are immature and not ready to settle down. I want a relationship. Doesn’t have to be a marriage proposal on the first date but I still want someone who supports themselves in some way. Doesn’t have to have everything figured out by any means. I’m 22 and dating someone that is 29, has a good job, and has plans for the future.

  • I prefer men that are older than me... not a requirement tho! and no! I would like it if he had goals, but financial accomplishment is not important to me

  • Not really I don't really about age. My boyfriend is 16 and it legal.


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