Girls simple question?

So my crush is 23 and said she liked me. She had talked to me about how she didn't like me liking/comments girls pics. I thought it was a joke/just talk but apparently it was serious. I ignored her and continued. Now the pics it was of girls in bikinis/half naked chicks. The comments i would write is in love emoji faces/kiss emojis. Now it's ig it's just for entertainment. Now my crush unfollowed me/blocked me.

My txts are still going through but she's ignoring my txt/calls. On social media she blocked me. Don't you think she's tookin this too far? i already text her like 3 times and she's ignored me. Should i text her one last time or what to do?


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  • No don't text her. Let her cool off and there's two options: 1) She's overreacting and we'll calm down. 2) She's a little creeped out and is maybe a little scared of you. Either way she has to be the one taking the first step now.


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