Am I wrong for thinking this?

So my buddy posted an FB status asking if it was disrespectful to ask a taken woman to a formal.

I said no, and that other men didn't owe some sort of respect to each other's relationships. I believe that the responsibility is solely on the woman's shoulders to shut down any attempt another man makes on her. Am I being bone headed here?


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  • In a way I agree but if it's the guy's friends then they should respect their friend's relationship. If it's some random guy then no it's the girl's responsibility to say no.

    • I feel like your friends wouldn't do something like that though... especially not over something like a Fraternity Formal.

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  • On the basis of logic, you are correct, but. . . I think the world would be a nicer place if neither you nor anyone else had that attitude.

    • I totally hear what you're saying, people suck. Maybe I suck too. My point though is that we need to stop treating women like they aren't accountable for their actions.

    • I understand that sentiment precisely, but the fact that women should be held accountable, and in fact should have the primary responsibility for that matter, doesn't mean that we are excused from doing the right thing. Never use someone else's missteps as an excuse for your own misconduct and you will have more integrity.

    • That's kind of why I feel like there is a one and done policy with this stuff... One and done as in it isn't disrespectful to ask a taken woman to a formal or something once, but you best not do it again.

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  • I think guys should respect each others relationships because it will confuse the girl too

    • Confuse her? What would confuse her? If she's dating a guy, and another makes a move on her; she has a responsibility to shut the other guy down.

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    • Lol I guess we will... it really seems like my opinion is in the minority here. Thank you for your reply!

    • no problem :)

  • I say it’s both, the women should of course know not to say yes to another guy if it’s not her boyfriend. But the guy should also respect that she is seeing someone and put your self in the guys shoe if you found out a guy was hitting on your girl.


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  • I'd say it's borderline. Depends on what this buddy's intention. Also the lady's guy should know about it as well.


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