Look at yourself and answer honestly?

Simple question for you guys and gals.

When your looking to settle down with a man does your priorities for choosing him change?

I mean to say if your dating a guy who's not Mr Right but Mr Right now" does he have different criteria than "Mr Right" himself.


Basicly the same question.

When you get to that proposal state. Is there something different about her that got you there?

I'll answer first.

In my younger years 14-25 I was a very visual man and a girls body was the first thing I noticed. Even more honest the better the body the more of her issues I was willing to deal with.

26-35 still physical, but I needed that intellectual stimulus a body wasn't enough or even the prime prerequisite... at this point it was still important but more of a bonus.

36-39 or now. I want more intellectual and kindness someone who has really filled out as a person mentally and emotionally. Won't lie I still need that physical attraction but it's so much lower on the list than I ever expected.


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  • Yes, I guess my priorities do change as I mature and my personality and views of life change. Although I still want the same basic things like honesty, trust, kindness, and intelligence.


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