Will a woman ever give me a chance?

I’m so depressed at the fact that this isn’t happening. I feel like a loser. Everyone is making fun of me in some way. I try and try. Been on dates , speed dating etc. I do really well in that and I’m back to being lonely again. No girl will ever want me I’m afraid of. I’ll just probably die alone.


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  • I can't see your eyes in your picture. Other than that you are handsome as far as a girl's opinion would go. I've seen far less handsome guys or even ugly guys have tons of girlfriends, so it's probably not your looks. It seems you are more intelligent than the average guy, and I think you have a sensitive artistic nature. Sort of like a special person. It takes an equally smart and sensitive girl to like you, and those are rare. Don't look for her in regular places like bars or gyms or shopping malls. Look for her at a library or classical music concert. Don't look for the popular girl, look for the quiet one who dresses simple, and doesn't like to attract attention. I hope I got this right with the little information I have. You also may have a slight confidence issue. Although that is a bit common with special people because there are not many people like them, because most are stupid, and so they feel lonely because they think something is wrong with them and they don't fit in. Also, I hope you are not setting your expectations unreasonably high.


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