Is my boyfriend faking it?

We’ve been dating for over a year and our first fight was how he left my last day of work celebration to hang with his friend and I was very upset he apologized and made it up to me. Last week there was miscommunication and seemed like he ditched me for his friend again. His friends have said how he used to ditch them for his girlfriend while in ha so kinda upsets me it’s the opposite for me and was thinking mab it was cuz they fucked and we haven’t from m reasoning. So thinking that was y. But when they were all talking about that he says he hated how he did that to his friends and didn’t wanna be like that again. But anyway from the miscommunication the other weeek even tho didn’t respond to me for 10 hours on a day we usually hang didn’t tell me he wasn’t going to be able to go out late I thought he ditched me. (We only see each other once a week) so I kinda went off and when he came over to talk about everything he cried like crazy is he sincere or hiding something or fake?


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  • He could be hiding something u should be strat up with him and ask him

  • Nothing wrong with seeing mates often. However if he ditches you in the middle of an important (to you) event to catch up with them he's a dick.


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