I am so embarrassed about my crush in MCDONALD'S?

I thought this guy liked me, so I gave him my number but because he works at a fast food place. I said this is for you and said thanks for the coffee. He seemed stressed at work so I thanked him and went to work. I think he was confused. But now I just want my piece of paper with my number back. Because why would it work out. I work fulltime but I'm still "College Age".

Any guys think that maybe he just threw it away?


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  • Why should him working at McDonald's be a problem for you? he definitely didn't throw it assuming you look pretty.

    • It's not a problem I think it is a fine job. It's just I think I mucked it up. Probably just my anxiety.
      For 7:30 AM on a Monday morning, I looked good. Had makeup on and put a good effort in and smiled etc. I make an effort lol.

    • So it should be fine.

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  • What good does it do to get the piece of paper back? Does that allow you to say, "Okay. I fixed the problem!"?

  • You want your number back because he works in a fast food restaurant?

  • I don't really understand. You gave him your number but you want it back because he works at McD?
    I'm confused.

  • You can go back again for coffee one day and casually ask him about it.

  • He works, why does it have to be something "better" than mcDonalds?
    Men don't judge women on their job. This is why we say women only care about money and status.


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