Girls, would you mind a guy using your BUSINESS contact information to ask you out?

Imagine you meet a guy at work who you give your business card/contact information/business line number w/e at the end of the day so they can contact you should they need anything before your next meeting.

How comfortable/uncomfortable would you be if said guy called you on the business phone number you provided him with to ask you out/inquire if you are available.

Would you see this as a violation of boundaries or would you not care?
Would you rather they ask you some other way? (facebook, in person during the next meeting etc)
Would the degree of interest in the guy change your opinion?

I would feel indifferent personally, but as a guy I don't really feel threatened by unwanted interest which makes my social compass useless in this case and I don't want to do something inappropriate.
  • I don't mind as long as the guy is cute!
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  • Indifferent, whichever way works for them
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  • Not cool, that is a violation of my boundaries
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  • I'd rather they contact me some other way even though I fancied the guy
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  • I'd be weirded out by someone using my business info to seek me out, cute guys can be creeps too. Though I guess if me and that person exchanged several good causal conversations beforehand it wouldn't too strange just still unprofessional

    • She is the expert advisor who I have been doing coaching with. (as in business coaching)
      Her job is to do a personality assessment on me pretty much, so she knows a lot about me.
      I'm sure she was interested because she stuck to me even though she didn't have to for the entire 5 hours of the last session.

      I would have asked her out right there but I couldn't because it was a group session with her colleagues.
      So it is not like we are total strangers, it is just that her business contact is the only way for me to actually reach her and I don't want her to simmer down by the time we have another session in a month.

      But I guess I'll just wait to talk to her again.

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  • Dont use buisness info that way!!!

    • Not even if you are super cute, lol?
      In any case, would you then prefer them to ask you the next time you meet?

    • Outside of work if possible. Somewhere where it won't affect her job or status at work. Maybe a hall or another safe neutral place.

  • I keep personal life and business separately


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