Boyfriend suddenly not talking to me. How do I handle this?

We've been together about three months but it's been long distance due to him being in the Navy (I'm former Navy myself). We went from texting every day and now he hasn't talked to me for almost a week. He's stateside right now so I know it's not because he's deployed or out to sea (like I said I'm former Navy so I would understand if that were the case). He told me he loved me then went to not speaking to me at all. I sent him a good morning text every day as usual (typically if I don't, he does). No response. I texted him yesterday that I miss him. No response. I texted him this morning asking if he's mad at me for something and you guessed it, no response. He's been active on social media so I know it's not because his phone is broken. Usually even when he's very busy he still takes a quick second to let me know that he's still thinking about me but now it's not even that. I'm thinking of asking him what I did wrong or at least saying "obviously you don't want to talk to me right now but hit me up when you do". Should I text him that or would that make it worse?


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  • It's definitely not a good sign 🙁 that happened to me after 5 months of dating this guy and he ghosted on me for 3 days after me constantly trying to get him to talk to me then finally I got fed up with it and said " I need to know what's going on, I really don't want to waste my time here, if you're leading me on" he didn't even reply until hours later he text me and said we can't see each other anymore

    • Yeah I just asked him what I did or said to make him angry and told him I hate the silent treatment. We'll see what he says. I'm sorry your guy did that to you but at least you have your answer.

    • Yea I asked the same things, and he said I haven't done anything wrong it's just the way he feels. I hope things works out for you!

    • I sent him a PM on Facebook asking what's going on. I finally heard from him. He said that he was unexpectedly sent out to sea and hasn't been able to use his phone (which really isn't allowed). Said he'll call me when he's back in port, so we'll see...

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