Would you be upset with this or am I over reacting?

So in the summer time i was talking to this guy for a week or two. We end up meeting for an hour or so. The date/meet up went well except him checking his watch and phone. (He told me he had to do something, i forget the reason) we both agreed in person to meet up again. He also agreed to meet up on text. He said ever since we met he's just been busy with work etc. Anyways I found out recently he is in a relationship.. im upset about it because he lead me on. I was talking to some guys but i thought he would want to meet up soon. Since it went so well
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  • Its fair for you to be upset, but there's no point in dwelling on it. It happens. In all fairness, it probably wasn't intentional.

    • I won't dwell on it for long but still kind of hurts

    • Of course. Its a kind of rejection I suppose. But in todays dating world, it happens a lot.

    • Its a shitty thing to do. The clues were all there really. Gypsy is completely right. As much as it sucks, it makes you wiser and stronger 💪

  • I would be upset.


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