Should I be embarrassed that I'm 19 and never been on a date before?

I sort of feel embarrassed to talk or speak about it - I feel really awkward. I go to college and work at weekends but still haven't been on one once in my life. I feel like a little child at times compared to my friends.

Any advice?
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  • Absolutely not. Just be you and it'll happen eventually. There's too much be pressure on young people nowadays too be in a relationship. Being in a relationship or being married is wonderful, but that doesn't mean being single isn't also great too.
    Just be you. It'll happen.


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  • No, there are a lot of guy- and even women older than you are out there who have never been on a single date, either.

  • I am 21 I also have not yet been on any date but I don't bother that
    Even though most of my friends in circles have GFs and had many dates


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