Where do I go from here?

So, about 5 years ago, I met a woman at work. She seemed really nice, we talked, etc. We didn't really do much until after we both changed jobs. We went on a couple of dates which went well. Then we kinda lost touch for awhile.

Life got crazy, I got a girlfriend, then dumped her when I found out she'd pretty much never said a truthful thing the entire time we were together.

That took about a year and change. I reached out to this woman again and we started talking again. We've hung out a couple times, gone on a couple more dates, etc. I even stayed over at her place one night, cause it was late and she was too tired to drive. It was completely PG though. Nothing happened. I slept in the living room and she slept in her room.

I'm definitely interested in her and I think she's interested in me, too. But we're both very socially awkward and shy.

What, if anything, should I do? I mean, hell, I could even be completely misreading her and she doesn't want anything more...


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  • Talk to her about how you feel and see if she feels the same. Can’t get anywhere without communication

    • That's about what I figured...*sigh* I hate talks like that. I always inevitably sound either like a kid or like an idiot.

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