Moved on recently, should I meet this new guy?

So I'd been dating my ex for only 2 months and I broke up with him more than month ago because he didn't have time for me and seemed he was stringing me along. However, I moved on. I started chatting with a new guy since November 30th that I matched on tinder - the same way that I met my ex through- . The new guy seems to be so nice, funny, and we have a lot in common unlike my ex. Also seems to be interested in me since he asked tons of questions, so we decided to meet up - not a date- next Saturday on December 16th, so is it a good time to meet since we've been talking daily since we matched and we've been getting along by texting?


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  • Girl... If it feels right, go for it! If the meet went well... Just tell him you enjoyed the "date" and look forward to the next one... That should do the trick

    • Great idea, but he has told me many times emphasizing " meet up".

    • Maybe he doesn't want to rush things, wait it out, then decide... Being a bit proactive isn't bad ;) you can always say it a bit like a joke, do it on the down low...

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