Date someone who is accused of the disappearance of someone?

I recently met a guy online, I like him but searching for his info I discovered he is being accused of the disappearance of his sister in law because they were having an affair. Also his brother is accused. I am shocked. He seems a nice guy nice but I still have my doubts.


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  • A guy who does his sister in law is very self-centered. That in itself is a huge red flag.

    It’s not like he accidentally got with a random married person or the other guy is a total stranger. You’d have to go way out of your way to get with your sister in-law. And not care at all about the consequences.

    And the disappearance thing... who knows but if you read up about the most successful mass murderers, they always seem harmless and kill by surprise. I recommend you move on. Better safe than sorry. And if you decided to move on just do it. Don’t get into a debate with him.


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  • You have absolutely no reason on Earth to have anything to do with this man. Just stay the heck away. Maybe it's a false accusation, but that takes years to figure out, and you don't want any of this DRAMA.

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  • I would hold off until this blows over


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