How to learn to trust my bf?

I get jealous over things that i probably shouldn’t, but do anyways. Like, if he jokes around with my female friends, or any female. If he likes photos of other girls that aren’t me, and like he has sent shirtless selfies to all his Snapchat contacts and it made me jealous :/ how can i just learn not to care and trust he cares for me like he says he cares for me?


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  • I'd have to ask you what your history has been? What have you done to other SO's to make you suspicious? Jealousy is usually a projection of what the jealous one has done or thought about doing and projecting that on another, usually innocent, person.

    • No, i haven’t done anything. Jealousy is not always projection

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    • Then it's on the person who is getting jealous. And it is a projection if the person you are jealous about has done nothing to be suspicious of.

    • You're young. It happens sometimes with a small insecurity that it blows itself out of proportion. Have you spoken to your SO about this small thing?

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  • Mine danced bachata (romantic dance) with another girl at our pep rally.😐

    • If my boyfriend did this, id slap him.

    • nah but it was bc I was gone for like the whole week and the girl he danced with has my trust lol, I can't dance anyways

    • by the way I'm a very jealous ass bitch lol, if it were ANOTHER girl then yeah I would've dumped him. Bitches nowdays like to steals manzz🤔

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  • Have to learn to trust yourself with the fact that he is for you and only you. Just try to remember that.

  • Just try... all in Can do is try to ignore it

    • He trusts me 100% though. I️t is hard for me to do the same

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