First impressions in college?

K so starting college this week, I'm feeling excited,nervous and confident all at once lol!

What should I do to make a good first impression with the ladies ?

Any advice ?

I don't live at campus, I go from home
will the fact that I'm studying computers lower my chances? (think I'm a nerd? I'm not ugly or anything)

also, do any attractive girls actually go into the field of computers?
thnx guys, I went, met a girl and had lunch together, asked about movies and made a date for resident evil the new one!

got her number too! thx everyone


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  • Read this to get yourself started (its all about the basics of attraction): link

    Second... realize that the guys who get the girls are the guys who are most socially relaxed. So learn how to talk to anyone anywhere comfortably.

    Third... the guys who get the girls are the guys who approach and meet the girls. Don't sit in class wondering where the women are... go find them. Be social. Be fun.

    Be honest and sincere... it'll make you stand out. Have your own personality, even if it's dongeons and dragons, or computer geek stuff.

    Women don't care about your passions, they only care that you actually HAVE passions.

    I'm a computer geek so I speak from deep experience with many women.

    Start there and let us know how it goes!

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( link )

    • "the basics of attraction"

      Honestly I think it's bullsh*t after I've been reading it ... no further comments...

    • Totally, right!?

    • Haha don't worry Robby I think he'll come screaming back for help soon enough. Let's just let him be for now ;)

      Thanks for your link. I've found heaps more resources from your blog, to be honest I've sort of stopped watching David D's materials. I 'get' his whole program let's see what you've got to offer.

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  • I know this is cliche but be yourself! Try to suck up your nerves and just talk to people because girls are just as nervous as you are! Smile and look like you're ready for school to start and be friendly. It's just another school. It's kind of a big step just because it's a school you can stay at but school's school. And it really sucks you aren't living on campus because living on campus away from your family really helps you to grow more independent and it's also just fun living on campus! But I don't know your situation so I'm not going to criticize you for not living on campus or anything, just giving my opinion.

    • Well 1, its expensive and money doesn't grow on trees lol, and 2, id feel awkward, I'm not really the party type

    • I'm not the party type either haha...not every college student living on campus is a party crazed teen! lol but money is a good enough reason. And to answer your Q on the update, being a nerd doesn't totally hinder you because you'll be the big man on top one day and have a good income. Girls may realize that so then you'll need to watch out haha...but just because you're a nerd, doesn't mean girls won't like you. I happen to go for any type...nerds, jocks, ladies men (against my better judgement lol).

  • just be things females can't stand is a guy who tries to be something he isnt. be original...and NEVER use corny pick up lines. and SMILE OFTEN (if not ALL the time!) women love a guy who is always smiling and happy, and be CONFIDENT! if you are shy and there is a girl that you really wanna talk to, just go up to her, smile, let her know that you a tad bit shy, and talk to her. if she blows you off, its OK, because you just proved to yourself that you can go up to a girl and talk to her without making a complete fool of yourself :)

  • Be confident and outgoing. Smile at the girls, we like that! :) Go to college events designed to help you get to know people, and ask around to find out what is going on on the weekends. Just be social and enjoy yourself! And don't be afraid to ask to study for a class with a girl, we generally like that, too. Oh and keep your hygiene up, there were some dudes in school that had some serious body odor! lol and just remember, most of the girls are just as nervous as you are! ;)

  • okay if your really hot, just sit there and be quiet & mysterious. In fact do this for awhile, don't act interested in anyone, and if there is someone your really interested in really go out of your way to be a jerk. Never talk to her, never even acknowledge her for a long time, that way when you do she will feel special. If you do this I promise it will work, girls love head games. SIck but true

  • Be friendly and nice.

    You find cute girls everywhere. Maybe girls in your field don't spend that much time trying to look good, but if see past make-up and short skirts I bet they're just as pretty.

  • Dress nice,smile, be yourself, that's all you have to worry about.

  • Actually get dressed for class [i.e. not wearing sweatpants] and be friendly and outgoing.

  • Ladies love a man who are themselfes they hate men who aren't themselfes so BE YOUR SELF.

  • don't pretend to be something you are not

  • Talk. Be charming andnice andd funny

  • JBY

    • Im afraid ill be boring though and bore girls to sleep lol

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  • Don't be "THAT" guy who

    -stares at the ladies like a spaceship just landed from outer-space.

    -holds the door till every person has walked in.

    -sits in the corner at the library,coffee shop or canteen, and checks out girls from behind a book.

    -is ready to do ANYTHING that his frat "bros" ask of him or a senior classm8 asks from him.

    -do anything to impress a girl just so you can get a date.

    -Stalks his crush on facebook and show them off to your roommate who ends up being the boyfriend's cousin, tells the boyfriend and then you get your ass whupped.

    -sucks up to all the older guys and all the girls

    -jerks off to his roomm8's GF

    -sticks around when his roomm8 brings a date back to the dorm

    -thinks is the sh*t ( probs most college bros and guys)

    -befriends a creepy college buddy to go checking out girls' assets and that at the gym

    -name is Buzz Killington

    -is the Drama Queen

    -the obsessive techno tw@t ( No bro, I don't want to know how many fist pumps you can do in 10s)

    -gels his hair into spikes, puts on chapstick like lip gloss, wears a wifebeater with a button dwn shirt and a set of armbands and head band to go with it

    -the ridiculously dark tan ( ends up looking like burnt meat)

    -says "Bro" all the time

    -who thinks he's cool just because he pulled off a sweet breakdance move and now thinks he's the master.

    -came back to college just to get girls even though he's 30

    -looks for attention at any cost

    -thinks he's a player with the ladies

    -wears skinny jeans and uggs to class whilst wearing shades inside even though its dark outside just so he can be looked as a mysterious cool guy.

    -ASKS THE DJ TO PLAY A SONG FOR HIM SO HE CAN IMPRESS SOME LADY FRIEND( heard enough) even though she's gonna end up being with your roomm8

    -the "comedian" who tries to hard

    -The "macho" man who pushes around kids smaller than him so he can gain respect and love from the ladies

    - starts chatting to me while I'm clearly taking a p*ss and looks over.

    - screams out motivational quotes whilst lifting at the gym.

    -who insists on playing on the skins team even though he has a pot belly

    - who is overly touchy feely with other guys and girls too.

    -acts gangsta when he was brought up in silicone valley and the only closest thing to a gangster he's seen was a doo-rag that bbbelonged to his mum's lover.

    -the rich tw@tter

    - the metrosexual who has an opinion about every single thing.

    -the guy who knows "everything" about cars and usually revs his engine to impress the girls who couldn't give a sh*t

    -who is in his 30s and has college freshman college buddies so he can go to parties and hopefully hook-up with some frosh chicks.

    - tries to get with every chick at the party.

    and last but definitely not least

    -IS FRIENDS with "THAT" OTHER guy

    you're safe cos you got yourself a bird, good job you've passed :)

  • for the first week or so , just focus on meeting as many people and girls as possible . don't come on too strong and don't try and have sex with them yet . just meet as many attractive girls as possible . that is your goal , go to where the hot girls are and meet as many girls as possible . get numbers , facebooks , emails whatever you can get and just tell them a short story about yourself for now . don't get into details about past failures with girls or how crappy hometown is

    but it be a bit tougher if your not living on campus but there still be lots of girls to meet on campus when your there for classes , great tip is to sit near the cute girls so you get put into groups with them and get a chance to talk to them during group work

    • Do you think that fact that I don't live on campus will lower my chances of getting any ?? I mean if the girl is in a dorm I could still go to her's? right ?

    • Well it will but from my experience it shouldn't matter as much , myself one year I lived in a basement apartment in house owned by old lady . no girls in house at all and street was a bore but I still meet all the good looking girls in all my classes and went to all the hottest bars that year , I meet lots of girls even though I wasn't in res . I could of meet more if I had been living somewhere more exciting but just saying no matter where you live its still possible to meet the hottest girls

    • Seriously though, being in the dorms isn't about partying - it's about being part of the culture of the college and being connected in a way, and a good step to being independent. living off campus does force you to actually meet people in your classes though, instead of just relying on your group of friends, but I'd suggest joining clubs to get you into the scene.

  • i stuided computers...more specifically computer aided drafting was actually more attractive to the girls than oh I'm going to be a gym your major shouldn't have the girls judge you and if it does tehy aren't worth your time...

    just be yourself and outgoing, living on campus would help for sure because you're always around, just tryin making friends with people in your classes and go with the flow

  • 1. Be kind and understanding, ask questions (it shows interest), give sensible answers.

    2. Have good posture, look straight ahead (always do this and make it natural)

    3. Acknoledge by glance those you may find interesting because their dress, attitude, friendliness, etc.

    4. ignore those who you find distasteful or who reject you (well, not ignore but don't waste your energy on them).

    5. Listen, think before you talk, don't shout or whisper and spare your words, talking too slow is better than rushing.

    6.Make eye contact and express yourself, don't inhibit or exagerrate laughter or smile.

    7. Be mature, don't talk about sexual, violent, obscene, etc. unless you want them to think you;re like that or you want to be like that yourself. If you want a wife or loving relatioship show yourself trustworthy.

    8. Don't take crap - if someone's insulting you walk away and don't participate or you'll be as bad as them.

    9. Don't brag or be arrogant. When asked a question give a factual answer rather than your opinion unles you're sure they want to know your own preference. I.e. Are you skilled at anything? not "I can do everything well, I'm a professional and recognized in many fields as an expert' instead "There are many things I enjoy doing, I feel most comfortable playing hockey or reading books"

    10. Give short answers unless they are showing a lot of interest. Respond according to how they treat you. Ask questions because it shows interest.

  • so your just looking to get laid...according to your last update lololol

    good job on getting the nuymber and setting upa date...take things slow, or you'll jump the gun and phuck everythign up lol

    • Nah I like this girl, I'm in it for her

    • How do you know you like a girl you just met? jesus I hope you didn't tell her that or you'll scare her away....bro TAKE IT was teh turtle who won the race, NOT the rabbit....seriosuly tho you'll freak her out if you all of the sudden like her after spending a day or two with her....dont jump the gun, that will be your first mistake if you do

    • I agree, your gonna smoother her.

      Try to take a step back and see if you actually like her. Easier said than done I know as the first (2nd 3rd and 4th) piece of ass to talk to me I could've sworn I loved her.

      Jumping the gun = lots of stupid wasted time.

  • Before starting to hit directly on the ladies, just try being friendly with everyone [including even professors ;)].

    And..before I introduce you to some steps, lets remember that everyone else might feel the same as you, well more that 90% will, so be confident and relaxed, try to chill out, girls will find you as an open guy and will try opening themselves to you more quicker than they might do with others. :)

    Now some steps that not only will increase your chances with the ladies in college, but everywhere and anywhere.

    1. Appearance - Try to dress something fashionable, jeans and a cool t-shirt would be perfect. Try getting some accessories (watch etc.) as well, to be more flashy(meaning more noticeable), but don't over do it. Remember, if you dress well, others will think that you do have a sense of fashion and for girls that is a big kudos. So while you're at it and have still free time..try getting some info about fashion as well..if need be, you might find yourself in a conversation with a girl concerning that topic. And if you pass, you might find her just a little bit more attracted to you. ;)

    2. Odor(hygiene) - Try to smell good, if you got a sweating problem, wash up every morning. This is a serious part, if you smell bad then no one would want to approach you.

    3. Be confident & relaxed - like I said before, most people will feel the same thing as you do now. I understand that this is a big step to your life, but by feeling nervous then other around you will feel the same when talking to you and you'll end up talking boring things, like where are you from and that crap. Remember, that is something CONTAGIOUS. Instead, by having high energy and feeling relaxed, then so will other people around you. :) Try getting there with the proper mindset, high energy, relaxed, confident and most of all happy.

    4. Smile & take the initiative - there's nothing great than a big green smile on your face when you enter a place. You'll imply to others as interesting, fun and all the other happy emotions. Who doesn't smile means that he doesn't get laid neither.

    Instead of waiting for others talk to you, why don't you open them yourself? Might be a question, comment, anything. As long as it's not an insult. By saying this, I don't mean that you have to talk for 2 straight hours (well unless you do like the convo, but it's always nice to leave wanting for more) and next time the persons sees you, you'll see that he'll be the one to open you. ;)

    There's more and more steps that I can write here, but I don't want to make it a bother. And now, the last step for today. :)

    5. Be yourself - seriously, if you try acting and making up things for others to have a good pov of you, then you're doing a big mistake. If you want to appear as fake, then go on, but remember that lies have short legs.

    Try introducing yourself, if they don't like who you are, then the hell with them. Be open as you'd normally be with actual friends and be happy to get to know new people.

  • Well, I personally have study about the most nerdish lines (which it's called here in Denmark), and for me it's been working very good being all honest and confident about who I am. Idmitting towards girls that the line I study is awfully geekish puts me in a good situation where I don't have any bumps in the conversation trying to excuse myself or building a fake personality. On top of that the fact that I'm outgoing and always smiling is putting me in a even better situation. I don't know about the States but in Denmark it's about who you look, act and primarily are - not about your interests.

    (I'd like to add that I'm doing very well when it comes to girls)

    Good luck bro :)

    • Oh by the way: Learning how to talk to girls isn't something you learn over night nor something you can learn from a book - It's the learning by doing - and failing (primarily failing :) )

  • Talk to everyone. Literally everyone. The more people who see you as social and the more comfortable you become in those surrounds, the better your chances will be.

  • Don't try to be someone you're not. Talk to people and make friends- they're in the same situation you are. Don't just "that guy that lives on my floor", actually do stuff with them. You seem more approachable, social, confident, and happy when you're out doing stuff with a group of friends than when you always go places alone. Women like social, confident, and approachable.

  • be yourself?

    honestly, if you have to be someone else or lie about your personality to yourself or others, you are off to a bad start. You gotta work on your inner game and your goals... work on yourself and everything.

    Otherwise, just talk to some chicks and bang em later. (if you're smoothe enough)

    • But what's smooth?? I'm fairly confident but don't have "game"

    • Noooo.. do NOT talk to some chicks and bang them later.. that will get you labled a sleaze bag faster then you can blink.

  • smile with every one you speak to and don't be shy

  • Be yourself and be confident. Any girl you have to get by being someone you're not is not worth having. Be friendly and spark conversation (and don't always have the agenda to get with them).

    And the fact that you're studying computers will definitely not lower your chances.

  • Computers won't lower chances. It may not be as prestigious as firefighter or policeman but its no worse or better than most. I don't know that a woman in any career will be more fitting than any other as long as you have similiar interests.

  • I'm going to college on Monday ^_^ I'm glad you succeeded, man.

  • This is a break, a clean slate, a new start, you are free of the past ... so don't f*** it up... good luck...

  • Studying anything computer-related will lower your chances in the sense that you will get fewer opportunities to meet women.

    You didn't say what kind of computer subject you're actually going to be studying...but coming from someone who studied computer science, I'll tell you one thing...don't expect to meet girls in your classes.

    Do attractive girls go into the field of computers? Let's put it like'll be lucky to meet any women. My classes had roughly 2 women for every 50 guys. Usually the 2 token females were far from being hotties, but there's always an exception.

    You'll find more women in almost any other subject, even very nerdy subjects like astrophysics.

    Also, when you do meet women, it's usually best not to start off by mentioning what you study. People do this because they have no idea what to talk about, but it's usually a dead-end topic...especially in your case, where most girls will have never even set foot in one of your classes and have no intention of ever doing so.

    • Not really true Girls have computer problems, TONS of them, like they have problems getting a song to her I pod etc.or the day of her mid term paper due she can't print. you would be her savior, you can be there friend and fix it for them (free) it might get a little annoying if its all the time. but soon enough you might strike a date if she really thinks your funny and smart. computer geeks can make up to 80k to 200k a year, girls will look at that as success.

    • And that's a problem, because the academic study of computers (CS for instance) has nothing to with solving these problems.

      It's like going to a physicist and expecting them to be able to repair your TV. It's actually a little insulting. It's true though that this is the first thing people think (if they think anything) -- "Gee maybe, he can help me fix my printer."

      Also, girls who are thinking about the $$$ off the bat aren't worth it. They prefer law students anyway.