How can I show him he was wrong about me?

We been talking for a while now but seems like he was wrong about me the whole time, he tells me i'm smart etc but I know deep down there is a lot about me he doesn't know, i'm that girl who likes to take care of herself and it's not necessarily for attention, so I don't want to give a false image of me and make him think so, I wanna show him I'm much more than that but I don't know how to do it, is there any way I can discuss about that with him or should I ask him directly what he really thinks of me? If yes how?


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  • Ur ex or crush?

    • 1) if u do for attention, it would go against u
      2) dont ask him directly, cuz then it directly means u like him
      3) why u want to show him, who you are.
      4) if he is interested, he will figure this out on his own

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