Setting up a dating profile?

Ao i want to know what do you want to see on my profile and what do you want to know up front


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  • I like when people put weird/creative stuff on their dating profile.

    -A quote from your favorite show or whatever media you pay the most attention to
    -Where would your final destination on earth be and why?
    -A hobby that you're passionate about
    -What is your favorite part of your body?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Name, age, what you are like as a person (shy, outgoing, loud, quiet etc)

    • It feels so superficial to only put that to determin if you pick like or pass. I was thinking of maybe getting 5 questions woman would like to have answers to before hand

What Guys Said 2

  • Three pictures. You, you with friends and having fun. Ideally with some girls. And pet or music instrument... For Text choose a style, which seems appropriate but funny and edgy

  • 80% of the time they are not even going to look at your profile. You need to have a good picture to even be considered.

    • I do have a good pic on and do get a lot of mesages. But the conversation ends where we are to different or ends with no logical reason. So i want to cut out some of the dead end chats

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    • Ya my chats never go anywhere either.

    • Mabey its just a online dating thing

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