What should I do about this girl I like? I told her my feelings and I'm not sure what next?

I met her a couple months ago when school started. We really hit it off and me, her and her friend all started hanging out a lot. After around a month of meeting her I had asked her on a few dates and she always really intended to go but we never got to it. In a sort of last ditch effort I just told her I like her and she said we should stay friends, but she really likes hanging out with me.
To be clear I do NOT want to be just friends with her, so I told her that. We still talk but I haven't texted her much recently. I won't be seeing her much anymore, and I'm unsure of what to do. I want to make it work but should i just leave her alone and leave it for her to come around or continue to try and make efforts?


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  • No. Leave her alone. This is the only kind of situation when I tell a guy to leave a girl alone.
    If you hang around, you will be friendzoned and treated like a doormat or become a nuisance. You have made your intentions clear from the start and with PERFECT timing, which is a VERY smart move. You're not trying to force her into liking you. You are stepping back and giving her space to understand her own true feelings. If she sees in herself that she can like as someone other than a friend, she will drop a hint. You should take it and VERY quickly if she does. If not, keep your respect towards her and for yourself. Continue to be friendly like you are friendly schoolmates. Definitely do not direct anger or frustation at her. Not even sadness or coldness. Don't try to punish her. Showing a tiny bit of good natured disapointment at hearing a no is ok. This way her respect for you will go up a notch or two. And if you are really suitable for each other, she may change her mind eventually. Hang around, though not in an obvious manner. Be kind and helpful to her like a mentor would be, but don't overdo it. This way you will keep the doors open without overwhelming her or damaging the thin line of connection. If you see someone else you like and have a chance to hit it off witj her, take it. But if you really like the first one, don't do it right in front of her face.


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