Did I screw it up with this girl? Should I give up already?

Maybe not giving up realdy, but kind of confused and maybe "sad". There's this girl I like, I have such a great time with her, we're always having fun. Well, she always laughs when I talk to her. So today I took the same bus with her and we sat together and the same thing happened. We laughed and talked, at some point she said "I'm hungry" and I said I was too. So, I told we could go and buy some pizza, but she said she didn't have money but told her not to worry, that I'd pay this time, but she said it could be in another time, she was engaged with her sister already. I didn't give importance to that. So, I asked her earlier if she'd like to help me and a buddy with proyect, she agreed. So, I sent her a video where she could see how to pretend she was a character I told her to be, but I didn't get but a seen from her and hasn't replied yet. The first two times we've talked she has replied, the first time I started the conversation, and she started the second time. So, I'm kind of confused... Or maybe she saw my intentions or starts realising I like her? I just don't know.


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  • I don't see how u screw up...


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