I scored a 2nd date with a guy 🎉 What should I do to before/during the date to keep him interested?

Hey guys! So I'm really like this guy.

We met on tinder, and our first date was super fun! He picked me up in his motorcycle and took me to a nearby peak to look at the skyline at night (super romantic). Afterwards, we went to the bars, played pool, got funky, got high, watched a stand-up comedy show, slept over, got funky, and then he drove me home. At this point, I liked him a lot-- but I didn't expect another date because we had sex already and we don't text much. So I went home and let go.

Surprisingly the next night, I get the "what are you doing next weekend" text-- and now we're on date #2. We're planning on doing a day trip on his bike around the city, going to the beach, flying a drone, and ending the night at a fancy bar and playing pool (I owe him a drink due because I lost a bet). And i'm stoked!

How do I keep this guy interested? To provide more context, here's my first read of him:
- A total gentleman (emptied his jacket pockets so my hands could keep warm)
- Knows he's pretty much perfect (he's hot, smart, muscular, professional biker, has a following on IG)
- The type of guy who constantly seeks adventure, thrill, and excitement
- Knows how to talk, work people, and get on their good side
- Self-confident and enjoys impressing me (which makes me think that he might like the act of impressing more than liking me)
- Not that affectionate (doesn't hold my hand or stuff, but will kiss me)


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