How have u handled being called a tease?

How have u handled being called a tease?This question goes 4 both sexes. I just want to know how everyone handles this? In my own situation my guy told me he was resisting me a little cuz i'm a distraction. He can't focus on other tasks when I'm around. In other words he doesn't want the tease factor (me) around when he trying to do stuff. He wants sex but doesn't want 2 pressure or scare me (I'm a virgin).
So have any of u dealt with something like this? I didn't realize I was teasing him. I like to wear cute outfits 4 him that r form fitting (hourglass shape). Which probably ain't helping. To the point... how do u deal with this cuz he is avoiding me a tiny bit now.


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  • I'm cool with it as long as I'm trying to be a tease


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  • 😂 I take it as a compliment every single time but he totally should not be avoiding you. That's hilarious!


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