Is my friends with benefits turning into more?

So last year we started dating, but after a while he told me he was still into his ex, so we stopped hangin out. A month later they got back together, but broke up pretty quickly because she cheated. We began talking again, and after getting drunk slept together... Then slept together some more... But we stopped, he told me he had nothing to offer. A couple months went by, we started talking again, he told me he wasn't in love with me, wich broke my heart again, but at the same time i knew he wasn't the one (to inmature, commitment issues, mommy issues) one day we saw each other again and had sex again, after that we started a friends with benefits relationship. But its getting to feel more and more like boyfriend/girlfriend. Now we hang out with his/my friends, go to concerts, movies, dinner, theater, weddings, do couply stuff, people have asked us several times, and we say we are friends. We dont do PDA in public other that hugging, in private well cuddle while watching tv, kiss, hold hands and not always have sex. We do weekends together where he comes after work to my place and we'll watch movies, have sex, sleep together and go out the next day, like spending more than 24 together in bed or hanging out doing fun outdoor activities, we've met the family. We text everyday, hang out every other day, and we are working on a project together to launch our own brand of handmade retro style accesories. So now im confused, he doesn't want me like that or he would say so, so is it normal for a FWB?
So timeline:
September 2016 he broke up with ex
October: we meet
November: star dating
January 2017: we "break up"
February/march: he gets back wih ex, they break
April: we dont speak
May: we start hangin out, get drunk have sex
June: i tell him to stay away from me
July: i reach out we start talking
August-present: we are friends with benefits


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  • I feel like at first you were second choice, whenever a guy is completely for you and then just shuts the relationship off or has a “change of plans” you are second choice, anyone who does that really. Maybe he is in denial or is trying to move on by having you around. Like you already know if his ex didn’t cheat y’all wouldn’t be together at all, i am not saying you are but it sounds like your being a rebound puppy when he can’t be with him ex so he’s with you and he’s keeping himself occupied by activities you two are usually doing. But he could be falling for you at the same time with the whole cuddling thing at the same time it sounds like he’s using you babe /: do you have feelings for him? If you do.. don’t try too hard to be in a relationship with him, just give him time and he will come around.

    • Yea agreed. If you stay with him give it a lot of time before asking ask about committing. But try and test him to se if you realy are the rebound

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    • @JackStripes yeah i might be reading to much into it, I'll relax and enjoy the time we have together cause i now it won't be for ever

    • I’m glad i and jack could help thank you for the MHO :)

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  • I don't think it's anything more, the relationship/friendship/fwb is just up and down a lot and seems as though he has commitment issues, that or he's using you so he doesn't feel lonely, I've seen that happen and it sounds familiar. That or he's just being stupid

    • Yeah could be him using me for companionship, but then again im using him for that too while looking for something serious

  • Ok sounds like he's got commitment problems and honestly i would ditch him bc it sound like he just wants a friend with benifits and nothing more... but thats just me im a pretty no nonsense person so

    • Oh yeah big commitment issues on his side. I really enjoy the sex though

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