Have you ever texted wrong person by accident?

I met a guy online almost 2 months ago. We have been on date twice. We are not talking every days like every 2 days lately. Tonight while we texted back and forth and he texted me “ok babe, off to bed, sweet dreams “ he never ever call me babe so I think he might just texting with another girl and sent it to me by accident, I told him that he may send to the wrong person then he said right person


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  • Yes got a text from this girl and res d the content on the notification without opening it cause i was busy and the last text i was reading was from my sister so i texed my sister instead but luckly i didn't get dirty


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  • Yup I have


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  • Yes I have. But he had it right, so in his eyes you’re his babe.

    • Well it makes me have a second thought because he never call me BABE before and we are not exclusive and even just talk to each other every 2 days, so you don’t think it is by accident?

    • No, not accidental at all.

    • Okay thanks :)

  • Yes and I almost killed my reputation in it

    • Yeah, I think it was an accident but I’m not sure because it was right away after texts that he sent me before

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    • No, like I said we are not exclusive yet just 2 dates and I would not do that even if he’s my boyfriend. but the thing is it was right away after the last message though, like he sent the one before then I saw the dot that mean he was typing something, anyway I would not know but time will tell

    • That's correct

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