Girls, how would you recommend approaching this situation with this girl?

So met this girl a few weeks ago when I was out at a bar. I saw my buddy I hadn't seen in a few years and he had a date and his date brought her friend who is the girl I'm talking about.
We really hit it off and had a good time that night, and we exchanged numbers and texted for the next few days and we seemed to both really be interested in each other. I asked her out, initially she was down but then changed her mind because she told me she just got out of a relationship the week before and doesn't think she is ready for the whole 1 on 1 thing, but that she's down to go out with our friends this coming weekend like we did the weekend before. I said it's all good, I understand, and I'm down
Anyways, we didn't end up going out because we both got sick and I figured she was busy cause didn't respond after my last text.
I didn't text her all last week just cause I wanted to give her space. She's busy, just got out of a relationship and I figured the last thing she needs is a new guy hitting her up or feel like she's pressured to go out on a date when she's not ready
So yesterday I was planning on texting her today, but then she hit me up last night saying "We never went out!" and we talked for a bit and again she, seemed really interested in me, we talked about things we could do but said she was really busy these next few weeks cause of finals, work etc.
Honestly, I'm down to be really patient with this girl. I really like her and I'm actually down for a relationship with her and I haven't been in a relationship in awhile haha Obviously she's gonna want me to be patient, but do you guys think I should see if she's down to go out on 1 on 1 thing and convince her that we can out just as friends initially and take it slow? Or do you think I should try to set something up with our friends? Problem with that 2nd option is that she's pretty busy and our friends schedule conflicts with hers a bit. It seems its gonna be difficult to go out as a groupfor these next few weeks.


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  • Tell her this: "Are you already turned off at the fact that I am attracted to you? If yes, please tell me if we can at least be friends first. I will respect your choice as long as you'd allow me to be a part of your life where there may be a chance in the future that you'd consider letting me pursue a relationship with you."

    If she'd rather let you stay away, that's your closure. Respect it and leave her alone.

    If she'd rather keep you as her friend, just continue to be patient and take it slowly.


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  • I'm not a dating expert but from my point of view it could be that since she just got out of a relationship she is a big scared to get closer with you. I do have the feeling that she likes you, but just need more time to get over her last relationship. And for the not writing back/being busy/changing plans part it could be that she wants to see whether you're serious with her and are able to wait until she is ready.

    I'd definitely take it slow with her and give her the feeling that you're ready to wait until she's ready to fall in love again. Stay in contact with her, build up a friendship and see where it all goes.


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