I feel so stupid? advice please

My ex dumped me for reasons in the past because I am still a virgin. He wanted sex we dated almost 15months. He found excuses to dump me for sex. Yeah we did argue a lot towards the end of a breakup. But I tried everything to keep us together. I loved him he was my first boyfriend. He dumped me and I would still chase after him. 3months ago, I texted him and call him no response. My friend thinks that what I am doing is wrong because my EX is going to think he is right. He dumped you. He made his bed he should lay in it. I agree in some way.

What do you guys think?

How feel that's what I am showing my ex too in some way?


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  • Since there was no sex then there wasn't really a relationship when it got down to it. Think about this, if you were with someone that didn't give you the attention or the appreciation that you want then you will go and get it from someone else and leave that guy behind. He stayed with you for 15 months, and he wanted you the only way that would separate friends from you. What many girls don't understand is that guys can go out with anyone and have a good time. We can hang out with friend, talk, go places, relax, and be comfortable with all kinds of people out there. We already have people that we don't have sex with, and that's our friends and family. I understand that no one should be pressured with anything and that includes sex, but he was with you for 15 months and you didn't desire him in that way so he figured it was time to move on. What if you get married with a guy, finally have sex, and you don't like it so you never want it again (this happens to many guys). Would it be bad for him to leave because he's not getting what he wants at home? Girls leave guys for petty stuff such as a guy not buying things for her, not giving all the attention to her, see him as just a "friend", the list gos on and on. What it came down to was how much you desired him, and "promising" sex in the future NEVER works out in the end. So don't chase him, let him go, and move on. The next relationship you get into you have to really think about what you want VS what you desire. Can a guy be with you and have sex with other women? You would be angry right? But how is it cheating when you aren't even having sex with the guy that is supposed to be your boyfriend? Don't get sex and love confused, this is about desire comfort and lust which is just as important. I'm not saying just jump into bed, but if you don't desire who you are with then the relationship doesn't work...

    • Believe me...I wanted to have sex with him but he dumped right before my suprise. It doesn't matter about if I gave him sex or not because men still cheat when they get plent of sex and attention from women...so I have to refute your little argument.

      What about the person I am in general..He even said how I am a good person and how many guys would want to be with me.

      You can have sex with anyone but who is to say if that person is loyal and trustworthy...NOT MANY PEOPLE. What happen to morals?

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    • By the way, DO NOT feel stupid. I really hope things work out, I just wanted to give you some insight on what he might be acting or thinking from a male point of view, but I could be wrong.

    • You are to a certain degree. But thanks!

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  • I think that if he's willing to dump you just because you didn't want to sleep with him just yet then he is an idiot and your friends right. You deserve someone who is willing to wait till your ready and not pressure you into doing anything just because they want to. I don't really get what your question is, just stick with no contact and let him realize what an idiot he was, and you'll find someone better who is willing to wait as long as you are and actually has there brain in there head and not there pants.

    Seriously first relationships you always feel there the one and you love them so much but you'll find someone else, there are plenty of guys out there a lot better who'll want to be with you, so stop chasing after someone who doesn't want you as it just makes him feel like he has you wrapped round his little finger and that he can do whatever he wants.

  • He's obviously not a decent boyfriend if he's dumping you over sex. You deserve better.