I only get along with people 20 years+ older or children. Does this mean I'll never get married?

I have been like this my whole life. It's given me the mindset to make money and think smart. I don't feel my age. I'm getting published as an author. I'm an established artist (I was actually forced into painting for public exhibitions). A dedicated Christian. A trusted citizen of my contrey. But I can feel angry and bitter and cowardly with myself. I feel like I'm missing out on something. I wouldn't want marry a man too much older or younger. I feel like people my own age are laughing at me because I'm so different. I don't go to parties or waste time hanging out. I'm all work. No play. No messing around. In my spare time i try to help others. I want to be like jesus or princess diana. Its just that, i have realised that all the other girls my age have guys interested in them and i don't. (I think, im oblivious to guys tbh) because i'm different, is it likely i'll end up alone? Or maybe alone until i am 40?


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  • No it sounds like you are following your passions and I think you will eventually find people with similar interests you just have to keep looking, keep positive, and not give up. I'm in a similar situation at the minute having moved somewhere new and just gone through a breakup but people are showing up slowly but surely.

  • Its not really bad that your focussed.. maybe just try and notice people around you more and try no too judge to quickly.. im also an IT geek and have a gorgeous girlfriend and a few good close friends.. how you wonder... i decided i wanted to start gym (history of weak health in my family i want to fight agaisnt) and i found some old school friends and we bonded instantly.. so im not gonna say change your life and go out and party.. maybe just do something small or different and then be aware of what is happening around you... i met my girlfriend while looking after small children so you dont need to go crazy and go part

    • You and your girlfriend sound really cute but my problem is bigger. I don't judge. Of course not. That wouldn't be Christian-like, would it? No. My problem is that I'm the only young artist who actually sells in my entire country. (Stupid. I know) I'm the only young person who actually cares about God in my contrey. The list goes on. No matter what I do, I'm always surrounded by older people. Try something new? Like what?

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    • Honestly it is kinda sad , as everyone says that but i finally accepted it, be yourself! i was always the nerdy kid that didn't really fit in, like i had pieces and likes of every "group" (athletes, nerds, smart, lazy, etc) but i never fit into a single group.. only since about last dec when i needed to start my career over was i like you know what who cares nobody will know me and ill be too old to bond with anybody.. and i just went with it, im a gamer and work in IT that used to do MMA and highjump, so i didn't fit, and the nbam suddenly i got a girlfriend who accepts my gamer streaks and understands and friends in IT who do things like MMA and Bodybuilding...

    • so the sad point im trying to say is, altough your situation is a lot worse than mine was i tihnk the point still stands be yourself and you will attract like minded people, becuase what you do in life will take you somewhere, and that somewhere will be the same place your like minded people will end up.. so you do you and dont let the world get to you and you will be fine darling... remember a boat is surrounded by water but only sinks when it gets in the boat... so maybe you get surrounded with older people whats wrong with that?

  • Whats ur age

    • 22 years old

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    • Well thats normal in usa to isn't it?

    • U know what? Maybe this world's too evil and pointless for me

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