Does long distance relationship really work?

I asked my boyfriend to go to myrtl beach with me for my b'day and he said he couldn't (I know his money situation) so I told him I'd pay for it and he said no. He said I could come to his city but I feel like we should meet half-way. We talk about the future but it seems everytime we talk about anything serious I get mad cause he doesn't seem to care (to me anyway )
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  • Long distance relationships can be tricky, but they can work out if both people are willing to make it work. My partner and myself started in a long distance relationship, and have managed 5 years so far and are living together and engaged. That being said, a vast majority will fail. But don't totally shut out the possibility of it working.


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  • I've been in one if he doesn't want to commut to seeing each other or things like that its bound to fail phtsical contact (not just sex) is a key thing for us


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  • It works


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