How long those the honeymoon period of a relationship last for not sure if there is a definitive time but roughly?


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  • hmmmmm

    I dont think there is a specific time

    if you refer to honeymoon as to when infatuation is on its highest?

    then maybe like around a year lol

    But to me a relationship is more than just feeling infatuation

    and even after that it still is awesome and much more profound.

    • See that's how I felt because I was a social retard growing up I never had girlfriend or just female friends so a big part the start of the relationship for me was trying to work out if I truly liked or even love my now girlfriend or just loved the feel of a beautiful girl being into me

    • well yes, we all have to take some time to experience all the feelings and analyze them well.

      i think this is common with most relationships on its beginning.

    • Thank you again been a great help 👌🏽

  • With the right person it never ends.


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  • six months to a year

    • Me and my girl have been together for ten months and we are yet to have a real argument kinda worrying as I feel it may be a big one as we haven't before if that makes sense in my over thinking mind

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    • You can say that again I still find it hard talking about the true die hard feels lol telling the truth I think she is the only person I do with

    • I know the feeling lol

      yes it is an exercise I have been practicing with him mostly in my life i think

      i dont do it as much with other people.

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